Our Clients

For over 30 years Inter Technical Translations is serving both translation agencies and different manufacturers working in a wide variety of industries directly. The project volumes may vary from short single-page information letters up to continuous multilingual account management requiring several millions of words to be processed annually. We translate technical manuals and drawings, user documentation and help files, software strings, web-sites, marketing materials, training and eLearning courses for a wide range of industries.


Many of these works are part of the multilingual projects managed by the leading translation and localization services providers located in Europe and USA, such as Acolad, Lionbridge, RWS and others.


Since for many reasons we cannot list everything we are working on, below you can see some examples of the projects we have processed over the years in different areas and into different target languages, working directly with the manufacturer or in cooperation with other localization companies.


IT, Software localization


Different products of Adobe, Chegg, Google, Meta, PayPal, Remitly, Snap into various target language combinations, continuously ongoing projects over the years

IT, Hardware and Consumer Electronics


Brother, Canon, CISCO, Ricoh, Sony, Yamaha. Network infrastructure equipment, MFUs, cameras, calculators, musical instruments etc., into Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian. User manuals, Interface strings. Ongoing projects over the years

IT & Marketing, Software localization and Consumer Electronics


MAC-based localization of software products, mobile phones, players and similar devices into Russian and 17 other target languages. Web-site marketing, Helps, User manuals, Interface strings, Sales materials. Up to 1 500 000 words per language per year.



Documentation and Software strings for Nokia, up to 2M words per year.

Electrical Engineering


ABB drives and related equipment, several manuals into Russian every year, 12 000 to 40 000 words per manual. Honeywell and MAN equipment, manuals, marketing, Interface strings into several different languages.



Toyota Owner Manuals and Service documentation, SEAT and Volvo Trucks instructions, User manuals, built-in Interface strings in up to 27 languages for over 15 years, ongoing.

Mechanical Engineering, Machinery


Rolls Royce gas turbines and related equipment, drawings and documentation.

Power & Electrical Engineering


Narva Nuclear Power Plant reconstruction, technical documentation and drawings into Russian and Estonian, totally over 6 000 000 words.



Sakhalin-II field, different documentation and drawings into Russian, 500 000 words.

Oil&Gas transportation


NorthStream pipeline, different documentation and drawings into Russian, 230 000 words.

Medicine & Marketing


Mölnlycke Health Care web-site and related materials into Russian, 43 000 words.