About Us

A company with the main office located in New York, USA, Inter Technical Translations is one of the leading companies specializing in technical translations, Software and Web localization from major European languages into Ukrainian, Russian, Baltic Region languages (Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian), as well as almost all Eastern/Central, Nordic and Western European languages, and multi-lingual DTP.

Since 1988, when our company was established by several young professionals, translation-related services have always been our core business.

Now in our main office you can find over 40 full-time employees including 22 Project Managers, 5 Senior Editors, 5 DTP specialists and 4 Engineers.

Most of our Lead Translators are full-time contractors. Freelancers we are working with are carefully tested and we are working with most of them for many years already. We also have a close relationship with the experienced language services providers in European countries, which helps us ensure really high-quality translation, localization and/or DTP services still offering very client-friendly rates.

We are offering our 30+ years’ experience as a language services provider. We provide services for both translation agencies, from largest to smallest, and different manufacturers working in a wide variety of industries directly.

Over the years we processed a lot of various projects. We are successfully serving continuous workflows for many accounts from year to year and we are also carrying out a lot of very different assignments, finding solutions for the non-standard problems when necessary. Altogether it allows us to respond quickly to any changes in clients' needs and find efficient solutions.

We are handling projects of almost any scale. Project volume can be millions of words and can be single-page update requiring shortest turnaround. Number of target languages per project also significantly varies, from one to 15 or even more. Constant part in any case will be perfect professional management and quality control.